import eachOfLimit from './eachOfLimit';
import doLimit from './internal/doLimit';

 * The same as [`eachOf`]{@link module:Collections.eachOf} but runs only a single async operation at a time.
 * @name eachOfSeries
 * @static
 * @memberOf module:Collections
 * @method
 * @see [async.eachOf]{@link module:Collections.eachOf}
 * @alias forEachOfSeries
 * @category Collection
 * @param {Array|Iterable|Object} coll - A collection to iterate over.
 * @param {AsyncFunction} iteratee - An async function to apply to each item in
 * `coll`.
 * Invoked with (item, key, callback).
 * @param {Function} [callback] - A callback which is called when all `iteratee`
 * functions have finished, or an error occurs. Invoked with (err).
export default doLimit(eachOfLimit, 1);